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Website: Adventurers.dk

  • Category: Personal Websites
  • Project Description: I'm a LEGO® fan. I collect many different LEGO themes, but I have to admit, my favourite theme is the Adventurers line! Unfortunately there aren't to many dedicated Adventurers sites around, despite this being such a cool theme! Hopefully this site can remedy that just a tiny little bit, being my small tribute to Johnny Thunder, Pippin Read, Professor Kilroy and the rest of the Adventurers. Sadly, in 2008, the Adventurers line met the end. In turn though, it was replaced by a new Indiana Jones line. You are able to find a lot of information about that line here as well. The Indy line has also now been replaced by another brand new line: The Pharaoh's Quest theme. Many thanks for visiting Adventurers.dk!

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