The LEGO parts are organized into categories. For example, a special section looking for, you should enter the model number on the site In addition, we also currently working on the new LEGO number to call. This way there will be a list of parts out with all the specific part numbers for the appropriate model. This way you can quickly find the right individual component! The new LEGO new database has an extra option. LEGO LEGO itself wielded other numbers, which are reflected in the day hede LEGO books. Slowly but surely, these new numbers also found in our database. You too can help with that. By logging in to our website, found in hot gebrukersmenu, the link to "No entry LEGO" By the old number in advance the parts come forward. By then customize button uploads the new LEGO number. This way you can in the future quickly find the right song!


The prices are an average of what is offered on the internet. Furthermore, the price depends on supply and demand. Sometimes they are raised and lowered another time.


You can look around and occasionally what order it comes in the shopping cart. To be able to order LEGO parts, you first have to be logged! If you are not logged interim and one of the buttons above to order list disappear! It is therefore desirable to login first before you ordered what. The items you ordered while you are logged automatically. So you can later expand your list without going to purchase! It is important that your address correct. This fact is used when sending the Lego bricks.


  •     Pending - Your order is placed and received by us. This is the first possible state. The payment data it sent.
  •     Paid / pending - your order is paid and will be compiled.
  •     Wait - At least one of the products you ordered is not immediately available. The order is sent when all items can be delivered.
  •     Sent - The order has been sent and will soon reach. This is also the latest possible state.
  •     Cancelled - Your order is canceled.
  •     Despite the new database, we might still not have a part. In that case you can send us a message so we can include this component in our database.


Since this is currently a hobby, the orders are processed 1x a week. Attempting LEGO after payment within 14 days to send. It may therefore be that the LEGO way longer than one week and sometimes within 24 hours with you on the doorstep. LEGO - elements that are not available in the form of a cash balance of the package sent. Or externally ordered, then the status of your order "wait". If after 3 weeks still heard nothing, then you best hot one email us.


The database is nearly complete. The number of different components is approximately 18,000. It may be that your individual component just not listed. Do not worry, we would like to help the missing individual component for you to find and add them to the database for several people to help. If you are looking for something that is not listed on the site, please send us an email, shop in the states where you can do. This way we add something extra to all Lego enthusiasts.


Lately comes with many new LEGO Lego - elements. It is impossible to collect all the elements. A number of categories we have not.



We basically only buy in bulk. If you have something special that you can always send a message. Also old LEGO parties stores we buy. If you are interested please let us know




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