You can contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to order! But beware! Stone is an internet world of LEGO products. We have no showroom or retail space.

Pick up your order in Delft may of course, but please by appointment only.

Always place your order over the Internet!

After receiving your order we make your order ready for pickup. Once you receive notice that your order is ready, you can make an appointment to pick up your order. Our strong preference is given to one of these times, but other times can be discussed are possible!

Monday 19:00 uur 20:30 uur
Tuesday 19:00 uur 20:30 uur
Wednesday 19:00 uur 20:30 uur
Thursday 19:00 uur 20:30 uur
Friday 19:00 uur 20:30 uur
Saterday 10:00 uur 11:30 uur

We have no ability to pins and / or chipping and ask that you bring exact change or pre-paid orders via one of our payment options.

Closed / Different times
You can use the whole year with us, but sometimes we have days off and / or holidays. On these days you can still order, but the shipment will then later.

Takeaway Address

This may in Delft.