Once you have placed an order, you will receive an email confirmation. You do not receive confirmation, your order may not be posted. If in doubt, always contact us by email.

Upon receipt of your order status is 'pending'. From the moment you place an order with Wereldstenen.nl until the order is received by you, we keep you informed of the status of the order. With every change in status, you will receive an email, but you can at any time your order status at any time through our site. Please refer to our 'Account Maintenance' - 'Order Details' in the Store menu. Below is an explanation of the various states that we use.

  • Pending - Your order is placed and received by us. This is the first possible state. Payment information will be send.
  • Paid/Proccesing - we received your payment, so we can complete your order.
  • Wait - At least one of the products you have ordered is not immediately available. The order is sent when all items can be delivered.
  • Shipped - The order has been shipped and will soon reach. This is also the latest possible state.
  • Canceld - Your order has been canceld.


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